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There will be a new pre-recorded edition of my "Into The Void" show airing on WCSB this coming Wednesday night from 9:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M. EST. I just recorded it on Friday.

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Tras las efemérides del 8 Aniversario, regresa la normalidad (no, esta no es nueva) a Rutas Enemigas. Una hora de buena música que va desde lo último de Cornershop a grupos noventeros recien descubiertos. Además os comentamos sobre el proyecto de de la Libro-Taberna El Internacional, así como de otra manera de ayudarlos.

#radio #podcast #radiolibre #RutasEnemigas #rock #pop #indiepop #soul #powerpop #lo-fi #folk #rockalternativo #musica #music #Toledo

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@CrapKeith is recording a Crap Radio talk show in Quarantine this Friday night at 8:30 PM ET.

Phone 216-306-0216 to join in!
Friday May 8th @ 8:30 PM.

It's my sad duty to inform listeners of the sudden passing of the radio moniker known as Sunshine Kingster due to Covid related illness. The Kingster was the host of Outskirts of Oblivion, a much loved freeform music and talk show heard late Tuesday nights on . Listeners are encouraged to leave their tributes and rememberances of the Sunshine Kingster at 216-306-0216 for an upcoming memorial broadcast tentatively planned for late Tuesday night May 12th.

A pre-recording of Crap Radio in Quarantine is starting at 10:00 PM tonight! Call 216-306-0216 to join in.

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Crap Radio w/ Keith - Sun April 26th, 2020.

A voicemail message from John 669 with half a dozen very timely song requests inspires Keith to leave his sick bed and put together a Covid themed music show.

From Steve Z:

WCSB Famed Celebrity? In the spirit of Dricore, - take a guess...

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Celebramos el 8º Aniversario de Rutas Enemigas!!!. Bien nos gustaría celebrarlo en una sala escuchando buen rock&roll, como ha venido siendo habitual en pasados años...Pero que no se diga. Aprovechamos el encierro, y que a los colaboradores los pillamos en casa, para echar una parrafada y hablar del encierro, de música, de la escena, etc.

#radio #podcast #radiolibre #freeradio #RutasEnemigas #rock #glamrock #bluesrock #postpunk #punk #soul #funk #musica #music #Toledo

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Our latest episode is out, featuring updates on coronavirus' impact on the hacker community and our discussion with! (RSS:

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Outskirts of Oblivion in Quarantine w/ Sunshine Kingster, callers - late Tue night Apr 14th, 2020.

Call 216-306-0216 Sunday evenings after 7:00 PM EDT for the live recording!

Talk Show portion:
Full Show:

Podcast app feed:
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Great talk show tribute to Potsy Sunday night!

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