My new years resolution is to have a LibreTime automation instance running the stream by the end of 2022.

This would allow us side-channel labratory collaborators @ChristmasCarol , @nomoneymark , Steve Z, maybe even @PeckoBoB to switch the stream from archive shuffle mode to Live mode without stopping the stream, regularly schedule archives and other programs.

Next level by end of 2022! That's my resolution.



Very pleased and pleasantly surprised to find the Great Lakes Radio Conspiracy listed on the official WCSB program schedule! Much thanks to whoever did this!

A late Sunday afternoon on the north shore of Lake Erie (Port Bruce, Ontario)

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Servers in the background,
Humming electronic things
We out in the user world
Don't notice their powerful wings.

Until the site we're using
Crashes, goes offline, goodbye
That is, then, the exact moment
When we all begin to cry.

When the RAID drive dies
The bases of our data
Cannot be read out
Stilled wings, Tears brings.

Quick techs, things back to specs
Backups soon restored
Way too much stress for admins
But another tech win scored!

*Thx, @mastohost and anonymous others.*


The Great Lakes Radio Conspiracy now has a podcast feed. If you have an Android phone and use the AntennaPod app:

1-tap upper left menu
2-tap Subscriptions
3-tap "+"
4-tap "Add Podcast by RSS address"
(it's case sensitive)
6-tap Confirm then tap Subscribe. Done!

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Or, if you're on your phone and you have #AntennaPod installed, just tap on any RSS link to add it directly, or if it opens on your browser, hit 'Share' an then AntennaPod's 'Add Podcast' entry.

Excellent Dricore rewind happening on the Stately Crap Manor stream this afternoon. Ultra Bunny/Malcom Tent interview from late summer 2016 & a classic 2009 episode running as I type.
or Area893 on the Simple Radio app
or "ALEXA, ask Simple Radio to play Area-8-9-3"

@Ben most definitely will be doing more online-only talk/music shows on, but probably not until mid-May. In the process of moving, temporary place not ideal for live streaming...

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